Top Six (6) Amazing Apps For Graphic Designers

The role of a Graphic designer is one profession that has escalated since the social media and smartphone age. It seems that there are not enough graphic designers in the world.
And like for everyone else, there is an app list for graphic designers as well. In fact graphic designers must use these apps that we are about to share. It will help you run your graphic design gig swiftly and more lucratively.
Before I forget, I would like to say thanks to for recommending some of these apps.

Six amazing apps for graphic designers

Here are top six apps for graphic designers, in no particular order. If we miss out on any, do let us know in the comment section.

1. Behance

Fairplay, this one is sort of a given. Behance is like the Mecca of graphic designers. The concept of the app is very simple. You upload your portfolio and can send the link to your profile to people and potential clients.
Gone are the days when designers had to carry large canvasses and paperrolls of their work, all you have to do now is send the clients a link or show them on your smartphone.

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2. Color Schemer

Color Schemer is an app for true artists and creatives. As a graphic designer you always feel you are surrounded by colors. But when you sit down to create something, you often find yourself not finding a decent color scheme – more like a graphic designer block.
You take a picture of a scenery or anything you like. And then you can see the exact color code of each color in that photo. And within no time, you can pick a few decent colors and have yourself a color scheme ready.

3. My Price

When I first found out about this app, I thought it will put me at a disadvantage. But now as a freelance graphic designer I cannot live without My Price.
My price helps you figure out what to charge a client for various tasks. When you signup you give the app your information and your skillset and it recommends the price you should be charging your clients – the pricing is such that it works well for both parties.

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4. Paper

Paper is a great app. If you are driving somewhere or don’t have access to your drawing tablet or laptop, you can open your smartphone and Paper app and quickly draw a sketch.
You can then store it, save it, send to friends and if you don’t need it later, you can simply delete it.

5. Evernote

Evernote is an app that is useful for all freelancers, not just graphic designers. This not taking app helps you create a schedule and keep yourself on track with the tasks.
You can also save various items you find on the internet and log into your account from pretty much any device.

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6. Daltonize

Being a professional graphic designer or any form of visual creator, you must take into account all the demographics. Very often we forget that people suffer from color blindness. They may not see the work you do properly.
With help of Daltonizer, you can check your work for three most common forms of color blindness: Protanopia, Deuteranopia, and Tritanopia. You can see how your work would look to people suffering from these types of color blindness.

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