STORY TALES : The MoonLight Kiss Ep 4

Lucy felt awful for raising the subject. She would not like to destroy their time together.

“I am sorry Ariana, I didn’t intend to… ”

Ariana waved her off with a hand and began, “my mom has committed a few errors in running her domain. She expects to utilize me to fix her slip-ups.”

Lucy saw the misery in her voice, and the hopelessness in her eyes. She had never observed Ariana along these lines. Something wasn’t right.

“She means for me to wed the Duke of Wandsworth. He is a fine man no uncertainty. I have heard accounts of his liberality and graciousness. Be that as it may, I don’t need him for a spouse. I like it here in Islington. Wandsworth is excessively a long way from here.” Ariana couldn’t hazard revealing to her companion of her adoration intrigue. No one would support. It was her mystery.

Lucy had found out about this Duke. In any case, she had never met him face to face. In contrast to her sibling, individuals commended the man. He was one of the most youthful rulers in the general public.

“Possibly your mom needs the best for you.”

“Or on the other hand possibly she is endeavoring to verify her very own wants through me.”


The yellow sun had retreated into a dull orange, soon night will fall. Before long, he will venture out of the mansion for the gaming house. He as a rule went there when it was dim; he couldn’t hazard anybody seeing his face or knowing his actual personality. There were other honorable men who sneaked out of their homes for the gaming house, they knew one another. Yet, they never discussed their mystery. A few men met their fancy women there, while some just sought the enjoyment of betting. He visited the gaming house to divert himself from the weight he conveyed.

Aldrich was alleviated in the wake of having a gathering with some honorable men in his Dukedom. The gathering had gone on for certain hours. Presently he was liberated to be distant from everyone else. He delighted peacefully. Once more, he had educated his watches that he needed to be distant from everyone else. He would not like to be bothered.

Abruptly, the way to the position of royalty room burst open and his mom jumped into the lobby. She had a stern look all over; her jaw was gripped and her eyes weren’t grinning. Aldrich couldn’t dismiss the lady. It had been since a long time ago he saw her irate. Something irritated her.


Behind her was his cousin Beau. Furthermore, it made him wonder what their unannounced visit was about.

“Mother,” he drawled her name.

The Duchess overlooked his welcome. She had guaranteed Beau that she wouldn’t stand up to Aldrich, however she couldn’t hold it in any longer. She needed to call the Duke to arrange. From what she realized, some respectable men were looking at his position and they subtly begrudged him.

“Whatever do I owe this family visit?” Aldrich claimed to be quiet, yet he kicked the bucket deep down. He felt anxious and shaken. What could make his mom this annoyed?

“Great night cousin,” Beau contributed, however Aldrich overlooked him. Aldrich saw the wicked glimmer in Beauregard’s eyes. The little fallen angel had accomplished something. Aldrich detected that his cousin had sold out him, yet he wasn’t exactly certain. No one thought about his mystery propensity for gaming.

“I need a word with you, Aldrich.” The Duchess would not restore his beguiling grin. His attractive face and his agonizing eyes helped her to remember Ander, her late spouse. She wouldn’t give her child’s comeliness a chance to occupy her. She had wanted a reason, and she would have liked to accomplish it.

Aldrich gulped, “I am all yours mom.”

The lady breathed in profoundly and caught her palms together.

“For quite a while I have disregarded your doubts. I see that you were so near your dad. In any case, your lamenting has taken excessively long. You have left the honorable way, you have strayed like sheep! I plan to take your back to the overlap.” She delayed and progressed towards him.

Aldrich’s heart skipped. Her way of talking was acknowledged. It appeared she presumed his ways, yet he wouldn’t offer an answer, in case he uncovered himself.

“I don’t get you, mother.” He held his breath as she achieved where he stood.

“You don’t have to comprehend, my sweet child. Playmate and I have talked about… ” she tilted her head to a side, so her eyes could meet with Beau’s.

“Fascinating, would i be able to ask what you talked about?” Aldrich terminated his cousin a fatal glare, yet he immediately turned away the dangerous gaze.


Elena contacted her child’s jaw delicately with her left palm.

“You have developed Aldrich. You are exceptionally attractive. You have influence, acclaim and riches. Something is absent in your life. Maybe, this is the main thing you have to divert you from your dad’s nonappearance. From what I have seen, my adoration isn’t sufficient. You will require another.”

Aldrich pushed her hand far from his face.

“Be plain with me.”

“Let him know Beauregard, share the news with him.” The Duchess moved far from her child. She had come to convey a message. The time had come to leave.

Elena cast a look at her child once again, “You don’t have to contend with me. I recognize what is best for you. You left me with no decision.”

She grinned and walked nimbly out of the corridor, leaving the Duke with his cousin. For a minute, Aldrich stayed lost. He said no word to his cousin, and Beau said no word to him. He had figured the Duchess would uncover all the thing he said about Aldrich, however she was a shrewd lady. Aldrich would’ve had his head on a pike.

“What does she know?” Aldrich was no trick. He detected the Duchess had a suspicion of his twofold life.

Playmate shrugged, “I can’t respond to that question. Yet, I realize that she expects a spouse for you. I very concur with her however. You need a lady close by, your very own Duchess.”

Aldrich murmured with ease. His mom knew nothing at that point. He wasn’t right to have suspected his cousin. It was each mother’s fantasy to show her child a commendable spouse, however he wasn’t care for other men of his age. He didn’t need a lady of the hour to be picked for him. He would discover her when he was prepared.

“Obviously I need a lady close by, however I won’t have my mom or you pick my lady of the hour.”

Lover tossed his hands into the air, “I never said I will pick one for you. Yet, the Duchess has a name, might you want to hear it?” Aldrich gestured and paused.

“Woman Ariana Beldon.”

“Isn’t that the little girl of the Marquees?” Aldrich’s temples hitched together. He had seen Ariana from a far distance, however they had never expressed a word to one another. She was a flat out wonder; a lady of class and respectability. Just that he wasn’t mixed by a lady’s looks. Every one of his experiences with ladies of low excellence had been founded on discussions. He wasn’t only any man. He was the Duke of Wandsworth.

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“Truly, she is Lydia Beldon’s little girl. I concur with your mom. She will bring your respect.” Beau countered.

“I concur with respect, however who cares about happiness? For what reason do you think men have kept special ladies and paid buddies?

They never wedded the ladies they adored. They picked the ones that society forced upon them. I won’t be entrapped in a marriage of accommodation.” The Duke had spoken, and he’d implied each word.

At that time, Beau was presently certain that his cousin was undeserving of the title of Duke. To begin with, he offended that respectable position by blending with flighty men at the gaming house. Presently, he looked down on the age long matchmaking customs of the general public.

“Individuals as you don’t wed for adoration. Love is only a word. It is a perfect sort. It doesn’t exist. You need a lady like Ariana close by. Or on the other hand would you rather take an everyday person or a lesser lady?”

Aldrich frowned, clearly his cousin didn’t concur with him, yet he wasn’t looking for anybody’s endorsement.

“I will wed who suits my heart.”

“Enough about marriage! I have some place imperative to go.”

Aldrich waved his cousin aside and hurried out of the corridor. It was developing dim, and there was no better time to venture out of the manor, however at this point. He had a significant game to play this evening. He would play with an old companion, Elan Wesley; the Baron of Ox-Dale. Whoever lost the game today around evening time, would surrender half of his legacy to the victor.

Not that Aldrich needed cash; he delighted in gaming. It occupied him from the inside unrest of his feelings.

He utilized one of his gatekeepers who rode him to the gaming house. William had been holding up outside in the carriage. The Duke immediately jumped in and howled.

“Morglay Street!”

To be proceeded…

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