STORY TALES: The MoonLight Kiss Ep 2


Elena Clairborne gazed in stun as her child walked into the snow. Her heart jumped in dread as she envisioned that his profound distress had caused him to lose his psyche. How could a Duke accomplish something to that effect? She hadn’t recuperated from her stun, when she saw his trade with the little red haired young lady. Elena pulled the shades and sank into a pad seat by her window.

Since the passing of her significant other, she had seen a great deal of changes in Aldrich; negative changes. He had pulled back into a shell. He was never again her sweet child, who imparted every one of his issues to her. He’d manufactured a divider and secured himself. Aldrich still lamented for his dad, this she knew. The passing of Ander had come hard on everybody; except she hadn’t expected Aldrich to be this delicate, this powerless.

“I need to accomplish something,” she squeezed a temperamental hand against her chest.

She had seen Aldrich’s nonappearance from the castle for five evenings, continuously. At whatever point she asked his gatekeepers where their Duke was, they had no solution for her. Aldrich was having a mystery existence, and she must be a piece of it. Did he have a paid fancy woman? Or then again did he have an adoration intrigue that he covertly met?

“Come directly in, the entryway is open!” Elena cried.

She had sent for Beauregard who resembled a second child to her. He was nearest to the Duke, and would know the majority of Aldrich’s mystery.

“My woman, you sent for me.” Beauregard bowed before her.

“Sit,” she indicated at a seat next hers.

Beauregard was still in obscurity about this unexpected gathering. The Duchess had a stressed look in her eyes, even the substantial decoration of her eyes couldn’t conceal the agony. She was beset. She was in distress.

“Your cousin has not been himself for some time now. I am beginning to feel that what my companions state is valid.” She began.

“What do your companions state?” Beau raised a forehead.

The Duchess had a friend network; rich ladies and of respectable blood. The one she preferred particularly was the Marquees of Islington. Lydia Beldon was a standout amongst her closest companions, and she had been especially upbeat when Aldrich took the Dukedom after his dad’s passing.

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“A young fellow needs a lady close by. When he is pained, she could take care of his heart and gatekeeper his wrecked soul.” Those were the precise words that the Marquees had addressed her, and she would take it.

Beauregard sneered, he couldn’t trust his ears.

“You need Aldrich to get a spouse?”

“Indeed, is there anything amiss with that?” Elena inquired.

Since she pondered it, she understood that her companion was correct. All Aldrich expected to ricochet back to his typical self was a fine lady of class and family. Elena couldn’t hold on to address Aldrich about it.

“Do you have a lady as a primary concern? Or on the other hand would you rather, Aldrich scan for his lady of the hour?” Beau inquired.

Elena ran her thin fingers through her mass of dark hair. The main young lady that came into her psyche was her companion’s little girl. They would make an ideal pair. Respectable blood and honorable blood, nothing could isolate them.

“I think Ariana Beldon might be the lady for the Duke.” A shrewd grin moved on her lips.

Beauregard’s face withered. In the event that his cousin got hitched, that would verify his situation as the Duke for eternity. He couldn’t give this a chance to occur. He needed to get himself time.

“Aldrich isn’t prepared for marriage.”

“You know this how?” Elena stroked her foreheads.

“The Duke has been missing from this palace for certain reasons. I trust you had called me for this.”

Beauregard had a chance to deter the lady from discovering her child, a commendable lady of the hour. He would uncover Aldrich’s whole mystery before his mom. This would occupy them for quite a while.

“Is there something I should know?” Elena lifted a temples.

“My Lady, I don’t intend to nark or cause you catastrophe… ”

“Is my child seeing ladies from the massage parlor? Does he have a paid special lady?” Elena roared. Her voice ascended with her relaxing. She was shaken and apprehensive. She comprehended what that would mean. The last respectable man to display such recklessness was later peeled off his title. She didn’t need that for her child. She didn’t need an outrage on the Clairbone name.


Beauregard sucked in some air and fastened his hands together.

“You should never reveal to him that I educated you concerning his mystery deeds.”

The Duchess gestured in understanding, “Reveal to me now.”


Lucy had by no means in her sibling’s unfilled château, so she had chosen to visit her companion, Ariana Beldon; the little girl of the Marquees of Islington. Lucy couldn’t stand the torment of watching her sibling suffocate himself in alcohol. Elan was a coming up short Baron, and he had lost a ton of cash while betting at a game house. It was certifiably not a mystery in the Barony of Ox-dale, that her sibling was losing his riches regularly.

Their dad had left them a great deal of cash, however Elan had stored everything. He was a savage high-roller, and squandered their fortune on unfruitful endeavors. On the off chance that he wasn’t whoring, he was at a gaming house. The Baron just came back to the stronghold at whatever point he was calm. Furthermore, it was in his snapshots of distress and regret, that Elan would compose the best of ballads. Truly, the Baron’s aesthetic side was outstanding. Notwithstanding anything, it was his authority at verse that still earned him some regard in the general public.

“You would prefer not to remain with me,” Elan moaned.

“You are not a youngster, Elan!” Lucy gritted her teeth and accumulated her skirts. She missed her closest companion, and she couldn’t hang tight to reach Islington.

“I am not a disappointment! I will rise once more, and this Baron house will ascend with me.” Elan emptied more wine into his glass.

Lucy’s eyes gushed with tears. She wished her folks, particularly her mom was as yet alive. Possibly, she would’ve talked some sense into her sibling’s head. Elan was more established than she was, however he never acted it. She was the one that ran the Barony in his nonappearance. Once in a while, he would travel to France with his paid allies. Elan never stopped to astound her. In his tipsiness, he had nearly harmed her half a month back.


“You are not a disappointment sibling, yet your activities negate your words.” She immediately moved far from him.

Elan tasted from his glass and scowled at his more youthful sister. Lucy had developed into an extremely wonderful lady. She generally helped him to remember her.

“Where are you going?” He inquired.

“To see a companion,” she replied.

“Be cautious out there sister, you realize the amount I give it a second thought.”

Lucy murmured, she was moved by his thoughtful words.

“I need to see Ariana, the Marquees little girl. You know her, she is my companion.”

At the notice of the Marquees of Islington, Elan sneered. He hurled the glass that contained rum, and brought another with water. He had a game to play later today around evening time, he needed to do it calm. He stood an opportunity of winning an incredible fortune from one of his old companions who was a Duke.

On such gaming evenings, matters of society were talked about. Right now, Lydia Beldon, Marquees of Islington was an intriguing subject. It was reputed that she had murdered her better half, Sebastian Beldon, so she could run his domains. Presently, she was losing a great deal of cash, power and significance in the general public.

“You shouldn’t be in the organization of failures.”

Lucy thought him alcoholic, “I should go now. We will talk when you are better.”

“I am not tanked. The Marquees is quick blurring. Wouldn’t you say you should include more extravagant and progressively powerful companions to your circle?”

His words rankled her, “I wouldn’t consider spending time with the general population you ask of me. You stole my fortune, and you bet it away. I would never confide in you.”

To be proceeded…

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