STORY TALES: the MoonLight Kiss Ep 1

The Duke’s palace was shrouded in snow; drops descended upon the gigantic structure hardheartedly. Another winter had come, and this one would be the longest. It felt like the longest. Aldrich Clairborne had recently lost his dad and the duty of the Wandsworth Dukedom had been hurled upon his shoulder. Being a Duke wasn’t an obligation to Aldrich; it was a weight, an incredible one. He had never figured such duty would be pushed on him at such an age when men were all the while finding their way throughout everyday life.

He was only a score and nine in age. He was tall and slender with a tough body; yet his looks double-crossed those that picked him for the position. He wasn’t prepared. He had never been. He had dependably relied upon his dad for everything. Ander Clairborne was the best dad that any child would ever request. Aldrich was the sole child of the late Duke; so his dad had showered all his adoration upon him. Ander had been an exceptionally patient man; tolerant with his family unit, persistent with the occupants of Wandsworth. He was incredibly cherished by all, even in the neighboring grounds. He had been persevering, deliberate and shrewd. Every one of these traits, he had disregarded them to Aldrich. Simply that, Aldrich wasn’t prepared to utilize them. He’d preferably sulk and go through his evenings at the gaming house than grab hold of the Dukedom.

Since the downfall of his dad, he’d changed. He’d gone from brilliant and happy, to dim and saved. What’s more, his conduct got everybody in the stronghold each stressed; particularly his mom, the Duchess of Wandsworth.

His dull and ragged foreheads wrinkled together as he got a sight in the thick snow. A glare ate at his jaw. Aldrich moved nearer to the window. A little sheep was lost, and it bleated for its mom. Seeing the powerless animal dissolved the hardness in him. He needed to support it. He would have rather not see individuals and animals alike, in such a desperate circumstance.

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All of a sudden, a solid scent moved into his noses and ruled over the environment. Aldrich detected that he wasn’t the only one. He whirled round and discovered his cousin, Beauregard, scowling at him. Aldrich disregarded him. He had given his gatekeepers exacting requests not to be irritated by anybody, including his mom. Aldrich’s fingers twisted around the grip of his sword as he made for the entryway.

“You don’t look glad to see me, cousin.” Beauregard gritted his teeth. He detected Aldrich’s inconvenience, the minute he had strolled into the lobby.

“I gave severe requests to be disregarded.” Aldrich overlooked him and proceeded towards the entryway. He and Beauregard had been companions since adolescence. Beauregard’s dad was Ander’s more seasoned sibling; however he and his better half had passed on from the pox plague, leaving him a youthful vagrant. Beauregard had grown up inside this château with Aldrich. They were more than companions, they were siblings.

“To what extent would you lament over your dad? He would have needed you to proceed onward and be glad!” Beau snapped at his cousin.

Days had gone to weeks, and weeks to months. When might Aldrich ascend to the duty before him?

“For whatever length of time that I like, he was my dad. I adored him and he cherished me. This is the thing that you and others don’t comprehend,” Ander muttered.

Beauregard shrugged, “on the off chance that you don’t ascend to your obligation to Wandsworth, you could be taken out. We both realize that your position is fortunate. You have the biggest horse shelter and Wine-keep. You are the wealthiest and most youthful Duke. Wouldn’t you say a few people would need to store up all you have worked for?”

Aldrich pulled in a full breath. His cousin was an extremely driven man, however he wasn’t that way.


“They are allowed to take the situation from me. I don’t need anything however my freedom.”

“Your freedom?” Beauregard sneered. He realized his cousin was into a bad habit that was not befitting of honorability. He had paid a few gatekeepers to pursue the Duke, while he was out during the evening. It was despicable, extremely, that Aldrich would accomplish something to that effect.

Aldrich’s heart skipped. He didn’t care for the tone of his cousin’s voice. Did Beau know something? All things considered, now, he couldn’t have cared less. All he needed was most extreme time to sorrow his dad and appreciate the pleasures that his mystery brought.

“Let us not contend about my position. On the off chance that anything transpires, our family can even now stand. I should leave now. I have work to do.” Aldrich pulled open the tall entryway and raced into the dull passage. He would venture into the snow; he would save the poor little sheep.

Beauregard’s heart destitute into a wild move. On the off chance that anything happened to Aldrich, he would be next in line for the position of royalty. This was a prospect he had constantly considered since they were youthful. He had dependably wished to be Aldrich, however destiny and life had denied him of chance. Perhaps, he was bound to govern Wandsworth all things considered.

Perhaps on the off chance that he worked for his climb, that he could assume his cousin’s position. He was tied in with leaving the corridor when a serving young lady rushed in. She dipped and bowed her head.

“The Duchess might want to see you in her chambers.”

“Okay,” Beauregard gestured, asking why Aldrich’s mom would need to see him.

He cast one take a gander at the position of authority which lay the focal point of the room before walking around. He would have liked to sit upon it, at some point.

“At some point,” he murmured.

Outside the manor was very virus. Snowflakes pelted his dark robe, however he didnt feel anything. Aldrich was resolved to spare the little sheep. He had the option to get to the creature on schedule.


“There you are, I reached spare you.” The sheep quit bleating and looked at the human. With his solid hands, he got the sheep from the mass of snow that secured it. Aldrich tenderly cleaned the leftovers of ice from its hide. Since he had saved it, he needed to locate the proprietor.

“What do I do with you now?” A grin lit up his dull blue eyes as he gazed at the sheep.

It wasn’t some time before he heard the sound of running. When he convoluted, he found a young lady, about the age of ten. The twists of her hair were wild and difficult. What’s more, she had spots over her face. She was a typical young lady. The grin all over was invaluable.

“Is he yours?” Aldrich grinned.

“Indeed! Truly! You helped me.” The young lady was reluctant to go close to the outsider.

“What is your name quite one?” Aldrich progressed towards her.

“Yvettes,” she answered.

“Well here is your sheep Yvettes. Try not to let is stray once more.” Aldrich gave over the creature. She gathered it cheerfully and said thanks to him for his assistance.

Yvettes was tied in with leaving, when he got back to her. He plunged a thickly gloved hand into his pocket and hauled out a pocket. It was loaded with gold coins.

“Here, get yourself a decent coat for the winter.”

The young lady’s eyes emanated shock, yet it blurred rapidly. Her mouth flew wide open as she saw the mansion behind them.

“You are the Duke! I have seen the Duke!”

Aldrich viewed the youngster in wonder. She wasn’t of respectable blood, yet she appeared to be so content with her life. He needed this delight back in his life.

“Indeed I am.”

To be proceeded…

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